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Research foci at Crystallography U Freiburg

Foci of research

  • Crystal growth of inorganic materials from melt or by vapor transport
  • Growth kinetics
  • Powder and single crystal diffractometry, defect analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Optical and electrical material analysis
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Numerical simulation of fluid dynamics in semiconductor melts
  • Fine structure analysis of crystalline materials


Concrete and current research topics

  • Zone pulling of Si-Ge-compounds
  • Investigation to transport phenomena and growth kinetics
  • Vapor transport growth of massive CdTe, (Cd,Zn)Te, and Cd(Te,Se)
  • Growth of semiconductors in static and rotating magnetic field
  • Growth of elemental and compound semiconductors with floating zones (melt, metallic solution)
  • Determination of surface tension of molten semiconductor materials
  • Bridgman growth of II-VI-compounds from stochiometric und non-stochiometric melts with vapor pressure control
  • Preparation and execution of crystal growth experiments in space
  • Spatial resolved photoluminescence at deep temperatures
  • Determination of charge carrier concentrations and mobilities by
  • Hall effect measurements after van-der-Pauw; PICTS
  • Spreading Resistance Resistivity measurements
  • Contactless, spatial resolved measurement of specific resistivity of semiconducto materials byTDCM (Time Dependent Charge Measurements)
  • Channelling-Pattern-Analysis of semiconductors by SEM
  • Modeling of convective movements in semiconductor melts
  • Synthesis of ternary und multinary solid state compounds
  • Investigation of cell parameter changes in mixed crystal systems
  • Investigation of structural changes in isotype series
  • Crystal structure analysis